Xavier Calvi French Producer and European Esport Champion

Xavier CALVI is the President & CEO and the co-founder of WildCats Productions a Media Group in France.
His areas of expertise cover senior and independent consulting in the development of cross media structures: Television - Radio - Social Network - Web etc... he is also a producer of contents for these media.

Xavier is a film-maker, a TV channel director, a French journalist and a Gamer

Between 2000 and 2013 Xavier was director of several television programs and several films

In 2004, Xavier set up WildCats Productions. Initiated by true connoisseurs of interactive arts and entertainment, WildCats possesses a unique expertise for video gaming. Thanks to this culture, Xavier can elaborate optimal communication strategies toward gamers, mainstream and specialized media, game producers and publishers, and other actors in the industry. Wildcats produced two tv show (Play Again and BetaTest) for French cable television, as well as the hosting and coverage of multiple events dedicated to this art form. In 2005 BetaTest show earned the best video game show (category : Weekly show broadcasted on
Satellite) at the E3 in Los Angeles.

In 2008, Xavier set up with Alain Daugé and Philippe Vuillaume the Digital Terrestrial Television channel “Cap24” which became the first digital TV channel in France. It was a revolution as Cap24 was the first TV 100% digital. It was also the leader on the French market of digital channels. At that time, companies have hardly started their digital revolution despite the fact that running a digital operation was far more efficient from a financial point of view. Xavier produced the first live show about gaming and Esport : Live4Gamers. This show broke all audience records among all themes broadcast in the channel.

In parallel of the Cap24 adventure, Xavier decided to work with the TF1 group, the first French TV channel. heproduced a show : “LCIGameClub”.

Later, the President of France Télévision, Xavier Gouyou-Bauchampintroduced himto investors who wanted to set up an African & Middle East TV channel targeting the elites of these two continents. AL-Qarra news TV channel was born, directed by Pierre Fauque and Xavier. It became the first news channel in 3 languages: French, English and Arabic in the region Xavier is also a video game professional (ProGamer).

In 2017 Xavier founded Eagle Gaming. One of the best Esport Structure in France like Team Vitality. In 9 months, Eagle Gaming became double champion of France and Double champion of Europe in 2018. Today Eagle Gaming is always considered as the best esport team ever in the European championship.

In 2019 Xavier founded created a esport events brand: cinesport. Cinesport is a new event where gamers are in theaters. The events will begin in April 2022, 2 events per month, with 10 cities in France.

In 2020 Xavier founded a new DAB+ Radio on the nationnal French terretory called : AMI la Radio. Ami la radio is a French digital radio station approved by the French authorities (CSA) specializing in new technologies

in 2021 Xavier found a new digital media called Instant le Média. Instant le media is a digital media dedicated to geek with shows like Instant Geek, Instant Politics, Instant Business broadcast on the Twitch platform and rebroadcast on social networks and radio

During the last 16 years he managed the BetaTest team (coming from the program he produced). Team ranked # 1 server for faction Alliance for many years.

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