Andie AndrewsWeb Producer - HTML CSS and JavaScript

Andie Andrews work in a hybrid position that combines aspects of journalism, design, and marketing. They are responsible for driving traffic to web pages, which means they must understand search engine optimization (SEO). They ensure the content of a website is optimized for a user’s experience and are in charge of arranging, editing, and sometimes creating website content, which includes music, video, flash, and print. Web producers are in charge of styling content to create the voice and character of a site and channel content into a coherent, unique style that is true to the site's brand.

Andie Andrews oversee and monitor project designs and ensure the project meets requirements outlined by the client in a timely manner and identify and hire the resources that help designers, illustrators, and copywriters. They proofread and rewrite content where necessary and provide feedback to all relevant team members, and schedule projects on time while managing budgeting. Web producers need a minimum bachelor's degree in computer science, graphic designing, communication, business administration, or related fields.


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Connected UX, Responsive Design